Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm a Part of Pasumian 2013/2014 Part I (Starting Point)

Assalamualaikum peepers,

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar..
Bukan susah nak ajak orang bertakbir sama kan? Rasa bersemangat sangat malam ini nak merepek-repek. Melalut sampai pagipun boleh. Kenapa jadi macam ni? After months, forgot my password people. Have to reset it all over again.

For your information, I've just finished my Semester 1 Final Exam.
"Kak Farah belajar mana sekarang?"
Allah, lupa ceq nak habaq. Look up to the title of the post. Pemalas punya pasallah ini.
Alhamdulillah, sebenarnya dulu FHJ dapat merasa kejap jadi PETRONAS scholar tapi jodoh lebih kuat dengan PUSAT ASASI SAINS UM. Mesti ramai yang raa macam "Ruginya keluar" , "Kalau teruskan scholarhip dekat UTP itu memang dah sah-sah dapat kerja dengan Petronas then tak payah fikir pasal kena bayar balik pengajian", etc. I've heard a lot. 

”.... dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya” (Al-Baqarah : 216)

 At first, I do have the same thought as you guys, but, I've made my decision, with the help of The All-knowing, to quit from being a PETRONAS scholar and came to PASUM to further my studies in Foundation of Science and later, in Bachelor of Dental Surgery in UM, insyaAllah, if He wills it.

SubhanAllah, let's start how on Earth I was selected to come to this 'creepy' place, well, back then, KK12 was just like a haunted mansion to me.

My beloved C108, KK12
As usual, typical Malay SPM candidates, looking for a fast track to succeed and become a degree holder asap. OK. Maybe I'm the only one who have that kind of thought. As someone, who was just studying in a daily, coed school, I do feel that it is impossible, to study among those ex-boarding school students. Well, I do admit that they are brainy at the first place. If you are having that kind of dream, to be part of Pasumian for the next batch, do proceed with it. InsyaAllah, if you're having high determination aiming high grades for each test or exams, you will achieve it, if and only if you work hard day and night (gifted students are exceptions). Choose PASUM as your first choice while completing your UPU application form.

Then, if you're selected for interview, that means you're having 99.99% to be part of Pasumian. Well, I think so. Just, maybe a few of you won't make it, to be shortlisted.

First week to be part of Pasumian, as usual, it's going to be orientation week or so call Minggu Haluan Siswa. Guest what? I've been through two weeks of orientation week, first in UTP (Minggu Aluan Siswa) then on the second week was in PASUM (Minggu Haluan Siswa). I can say that MHS was more relaxing than MAS. Mas was torturing us, like, hummm. What an experience. But I do enjoy both.

The best part of MHS was dancing Xi Shua Shua and Gummy Bear maybe? And the facilitators were so nice to us, totally awesome, especially Muz Marz with The Z. They share their experience as most of them were 4 flatters. Last day of MHS? It was Malam Persembahan something *I don't remember it specifically* and the performers were all Pasumian students who were luckily picked *there will be a form for you to list down your talents and experience in school during the early days of MHS* a.k.a. KASPER.
Biology lab session

With some of my groupmates, iftar together

Activities during Ramadan al-Mubarak

First two weeks of only lectures? Heaven. Seriously, do enjoy this moment before your tutorials, test, lab practicals, PASUM activity day etc started. Here are the subjects that you're going to study, for Asasi Sains Hayat/Fizikal. Asasi Alam Bina? I don't have any idea about that, sorry.



*FJAX0111 (Algebra and Geometry)
*FJAX0112 (Calculus)
*FKAX0111 (Basic Chemistry 1)
*FKAX0112 (Basic Chemistry 2)
*FMAX0111 (Basic Physics 1)
*FMAX0112 (Basic Physics 2)
*FB0120 (English for MUET)
*FX0111 (Self DevelopmentCourse)
@FQAH0111 (Cell Biology)
@FQAH0112 (Reproduction, Ecology & Development of Organism)
#FJAF0111 (Vector)
#FJAF0112 (Computer Science 1)


*FJAX0113 (Algebra & Calculus)
*FJAX0114 (Statistics & Probability)
*FKAX0113 (Basic Chemistry 3)
*FKAX0114 (Basic Chemistry 4)
*FMAX0113 (Basic Physics 3)
*FMAX0114 (Basic Physics 4)
@FQAH0113 (Physiology of Organism)
@FQAH0114 (Genetics & DNA Technology)
#FJAF0113 (Computer Science 2)
#FJAF0114 (Engineering Mathematics)

Key :
* For both foundation programs
@ For Asasi Sains Hayat
# For Asasi Sains Fizikal



10% - Tests (Alternately for Biology 1 and Biology 2 every week)
10% - Lab practical *Do your reports and drawing. Don't cheat/copy from your friends. Marks will be deducted if founded 'guilty' by the demonstrators.
20% - Mid-sem
60% - Final exam


10% - Tests (3 tests for Phy 1 and 3 tests for Phy 2)
10% - Lab practical *You will conduct the experiment in a group of 4-5
20% - Mid-sem
60% - Final exam


10% - Tutorials (Some of your tutorials will be selected randomly to be marked. Well, this time you can be a copy cat but make sure that you understand what you are copying)
10% - Lab practical *You will conduct the experiment on your own. ALONE! Prepare your report (except the results and discussion before coming to the lab)
20% - Mid-sem
60% - Final exam


20% - Tests (4 tests for each)
20% - Mid-sem
60% - Final exam


*For PASUM, all the 4 subjects will be included in the calculation
*For UPU application, only 3 best subjects will be included in the calculationand Mathematics is compulsory.

Final Examination!!!


A [76-100]
A- [72-75]
B+ [68-71]
B [64-67]
B- [60-63]
C+ [55-59]
C [50-54]
C- [45-49]
D+ [43-44] ... All this may varies, depends on PASUM.

UM  Exam Hall, it took me 15 minutes to arrive here from KK12

Last but not least, don't be afraid of the exams as it is not as terrible as it may seems. InsyaAllah, if you do your tutorials well, revise what you have learnt, focus during lectures as tips may be given during that period.
I still have my notes with me, if you want it, then do tell me. Muehehehe. Yikes, it's already 1.10 a.m. people.

Enjoy KK12 scenery


P/s : I'm listing down the activities that I should do during my 3-weeks-holiday. Yeeehhhaaaaaa. Do pray for me, final results will be release approximately in 2 months time. LOVE YOU!


Antara FP semasa MHS


RaisyaSukor said...

it was sooooo awesome...

FarahJumadi said...

kaaannnnnnn. bakal sgt rinduuuuuu dgn pasum n kk12. mula2 msk rasa tak best sgt, tap bile da msk, hoyeaahhhh

Anonymous said...

hello sis, can i get a copy of your notes? your kindness is really appreciated! cheers :)

FarahJumadi said...

hello :) so sorry as my house is quite far from um and don't worry. during mhs they (kk12) will sell notes and books owned by the ex-pasumian. that might helps. and there also might be, my batchmates selling their notes/tutorials/books during mhs

Nur Shamida said...

Assalamualaikum, akak. Berapa ye jumlah pelajar pasum setahun ? Dan berapa probability pelajar yg akan diterima lepas temuduga.. ?

FarahJumadi said...

waalaikumsalam. dengar cerita tahun ni student pasum yg diambil dalam 1800 mcm tu, lbh ramai drpd sebelumnya... probabiblity akak tak pasti tapi tinggi, tak depends sgt pada temuduga, lbh kpd rezeki siapa yg terpilih :)

Nur Shamida said...

Owh okay. Terima kasih atas information :) . Nak tanye, penggunaan laptop perlu tak dekat asasi ni..

FarahJumadi said...

Kalau akak dulu x guna pun. notes selalu diorang print then letak dkat kedai photocopy. tap certain pelajar bwk sbb nak print notes sendiri... tap memang tak gunala... hehe :)

Nur Shamida said...

Assalam,akak. Nanti buku rujukan akan dijual ke masa hari pendaftaran? Dan boleh tak akak suggest buku apa yg bagus

FarahJumadi said...

wassalam.. kalau buku rujukan terpakai ada dijual. tapi kalau nak yg lain boleh je guna buku matriks/stpm. tap selalunya buku yg plg famous - Buku College terbitan IPTA kalau tak silap. Kadang2 kedai fotostat 12th college ada fotostatkan (murah skit).

FarahJumadi said...
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Nur Shamida said...

Ohh. Okay. Thanks sis. :)

FarahJumadi said...

welcome :)
Nanti jgn lupa like n ajak kawan2 skali ... Good luck ^^

Nur Shamida said...

Alright ;) akak, kalau xmenyusahkan , boleh tak share tips belajar dekat pasum. Hehe :)

FarahJumadi said...

tips pasum? hehe. lain org lain cara, akak dulu malas sikit. hehe. tapi untuk exam mesti fahamkan past yr dgn tutorial. tutorial tu kalau boleh cuba fahamkan sblm msk klas tutorial, kalau boleh re-do :) akak dlu x byk pun ref book, byk bergantung kpd notes kuliyyah sbb notes yg kitorang salin laju2 time kuliyyah memng lengkap. kalau malu nak tny lectrr, tutor pun baik je

Nur Shamida said...

Ohh OK :) yg soalan past year tu pun ade dijual jugak ke... Hm Hm betul ke foundation dekat pasum paling Susah. Takut pulak bila dengar cmtu. Hehe

FarahJumadi said...

past yr nant nak dkt2 exam ada jual. kalau x de, boleh beli dekat 11th college, sebelah 12th je. HeHe. akak dulu pun nak msk org ramai ckp mcm tu juga, dgn baca blog senior2, rasa down sgt... tapi lpas masuk tak susah InSya'Allah. ok je. tap memng penat sikit la...

Nur Shamida said...

Ohh okay lega sikit akak cakap cmtu. Hehe. Thanks for the info :D

Nur Munirah Hasanuddin said...

Assalmualaikum.. Akak masih simpan ke lecture notes and buku2 pasum akak?

FarahJumadi said...

Ya munirah, ada. Tapi akak simpan untuk degree sbb senior kata kita akan pkai notestu untuk degree nanti sikit2

Anonymous said...

akak, tahun ni PASUM ade iv tak? Biasenye ramai tak lepasan sekolah agama ke PASUM. Huhu. Teringin nak ke PASUM tp kite sorang2 jee

FarahJumadi said...

InSya'Allah kalau related dgn UM memng ada iv... Ramai je lepasan skolah agama yg msk n cemerlang dkt pasum... Akak dulu skolah biasa, pergi sana pun sorang2, tap bila jumpa kawan baru seronok je :) best of luck ya

Anonymous said...

Hee. InsyaAllah kak. Nak try mntk PASUM. Akak, biase ade tak org tak lepas iv? Huhu. Sebab sy xreti iv. Akak, boleh tak nk cntact akak guna media sosial lain :D

FarahJumadi said...

Slalunya x rmai yg x pass iv, tap kalau yg dtg tu ramai sgt sampai melebihi tempat, x silapnya dia akan reserve kalau ada yg tolak tawaran.
Boleh je :) boleh tgk dkt blog, bhgn atas ada bhgn tulis “stay connected". Dkt situ ada fb n twitter kalau x silap.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah kak. Lega dengar camtu. Huhu takpelah takde kawan lama kan, nanti dapat kawan baru :)
Akak, sy nak tnye akak bnyaaak sgt pasal PASUM. Hihi. Sy dh add fb akak. Akak app yee -Aqilah Najwa-

Lanun Selatan said...

Thanks for the info kak! really helps a lot! :)